The Difference Between Heat Press, Silkscreen Printing and Embroidery Options for Custom Printed Apparel

The Difference Between Heat Press, Silkscreen Printing and Embroidery Options for Custom Printed Apparel

Are you looking to get your logo or custom design printed on apparel? Having trouble deciding between the different application options? We can help!

There are three main types of print application options for apparel at AllRush; we offer heat press, silkscreen printing and embroidery options. Each option is meant for a different desired result.

Types of print


Silk Screen Machine

Printing TechniqueAt AllRush, we’re always looking for what’s new—new products, new print or embellishment techniques and new, fun ways to create designs so that we’re keeping up with customer demands and industry trends. Silkscreen printing is the most cost-effective when running larger quantities.

Prints have a smooth soft texture and are durable for longer wear and tear. We offer plastisol ink, glow in the dark, soft hand ink, distressed effect, tone on tone and metallic options. Visit our silkscreen webpage to see examples of these options. Screen printing works best on cotton or polyester fabric or a blend of the two. It’s perfect for t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, tanks and more!


Embroidery tool
Embroidery in cap

Embroidery in cap

When deciding to go with embroidery, the most important thing to consider is the type of fabric you’re using. When choosing your fabric you need to consider the weight of the embroidery design. The fabric needs to be strong enough to hold the design. Looser fabrics are less able to hold the threads.
If you want to use a specific type of fabric, you need to select a design that is suitable for the weight

of that fabric. Letters should not be smaller than .25” or they will not embroider well and you won’t get the desired result. Be sure to have a simple design— nothing too intricate and try to stay away from gradient colours. The simpler, the better!

Embroidery is used to decorate hats, polos, luggage, bags and more. It provides a classy, sophisticated and luxurious look perfect for company logos on polo shirts and hats. We can do cresting, puff embroidery and more!

Heat press

Heat Transfer Printing
Heat Printing

Heat Printing

Heat printing goes where other decorating methods can’t with heat transfer materials designed for application on a variety of items and with unique placements. Heat press is great for hats, pant legs and sleeves including wrap-around designs. Heating printing can be done on many different fabric types and is certainly the most versatile of the three options.

Heat press is perfect for low quantities, large amounts of vibrant colours and complex designs. It can also be used to add name bars to your sporting goods. There are so many different products and placement you can choose from, so get creative! If you’re feeling extra fancy, we can even do glitter or reflective heat printing!

Heat press printing
Still not sure what option is best for your project? Give us a call at 403-216-5464 or email info@allrush.ca and one of our apparel specialists will guide you through the process and help you get the best results possible.