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Business Cards

In Need of Business Cards ?

Let AllRush business card printing make the right impression on your customers. From design to output, we offer endless options.

We can produce business cards with foil, UV coating, matte or gloss lamination, raised printing or even embossed.

Die cut business card options are also available to help you stand out from the crowd allowing you to have custom shaped business cards.

Business cards are the starting point for any business marketing strategy and are a way to distinguish your brand from your competitors.

It also helps spread the word around of your services and business to potential customers.

Contact us today and let an AllRush representative help you will all your business card needs.

Repeat Business Cards Orders

Made Easy!

Business card printing made easy and hassle free.

At AllRush, we can set up online templates for reordering business cards or ordering the same business cards with different information.

if you have multiple staff needing business cards, they can use this system to set up and order business cards as they are needed.


Envelopes are a great way to impress your clients, they enable you to send your company’s brand out on all of your communications. This gives you the opportunity to build up more recognition of your brand and also makes your business look established and credible. Also printed envelopes with your brand Pantone colours are also ideal for letter-mail campaigns. Print generic envelopes with your company name and slogan and use them to print variable addresses in black and white. At AllRush we can help you create the perfect envelopes for your business offering many options from stocks, finishing and designs.


Letterhead printing is a great way to impress your clients. They enable you to send out your company’s brand to all of your communications. This gives your brand the opportunity to generate more recognition and also make your business look credible and established. Also, Printed letterhead with Pantone colours are also ideal for letter-mail campaigns allowing you to print black and white letter impressions on pre-printed letterhead stock.

At AllRush, we can help you create the perfect letterhead for your business offering many options from stocks, finishing and designs.

NCR Carbonless Printing

What is NCR Carbonless Paper?

NCR carbonless paper allows you to make an instant copy of a handwritten document without the use of any electronics. NCR carbonless paper is perfect for keeping track of orders, purchases and invoices. The handwritten information is transferred from white sheet to the yellow and so on. Carbonless forms come in either:

2 Part (White and Yellow)

3 Part (White, Yellow and Pink)

4 Part (White, Yellow, Pink and Gold)

NCR carbonless paper can also be numbered. This allows each piece of paper to have its own unique number, making it easier for you to stay organized. The impression numbering can be done anywhere on the form.


A booklet is a great marketing tool to use at events and trade shows. They can be used as a short magazine, product listings or a general catalogue displaying all your products and services.

They are many options when it comes to booklet printing, booklets can be designed and printed to suit any need. The most common booklet finishing’s are saddle stitched which is anything that is folded and stapled along the spine, coil / wire-o binding which is when the booklet has holes drilled down the side of each page then a plastic or metal coil binding is inserted to hold the booklet together. And finally, perfect binding which is most commonly used on published books and thicker magazines with higher number of pages. This method of binding uses glue along the spine of the book.

AllRush booklet printing Calgary has been earning the trust of companies in Calgary for many years. Whatever your booklet needs, we are here to ensure you receive the best service available.


At AllRush, we have the equipment required to create or copy existing binders weather your binders need tab inserts, collating or stitching. Our expert staff and hi-speed digital copy equipment allows us to create binders with faster turnaround and lower costs at the highest quality available.

Whether you are looking for binder printing, binder copying or to create your own customized binder cover with pockets and spine printing, we would be happy to assist you.

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