Digital Printing and Offset Printing
for Brochures, Flyers, Menus and More

Digital Printing

Business cards, postcards, holiday cards, customized calendars, even VIP tickets to your company’s next big event, we print it all. With a variety of premium paper stocks ranging from gloss to matte to satin, even if you don’t score that VIP ticket, we’ll make you feel like you did.

Our industry-leading digital printing equipment makes it possible for us to provide you with the highest digital printing quality available. In our opinion, that’s what dreams are made of.

With digital print finishing services that allow you to print three-hole punch, staple, collate and insert tabs simultaneously, we say we specialize in printing, but we may actually specialize in giving the gift of time.

Benefits of Digital Printing

  • Smaller quantities available
  • Multiple variations of the same document (e.g. different addresses, dates and locations)
  • Volume pricing
  • Fast turn around
  • Variety of quality stocks to choose from
  • A fraction of the cost of Offset Printing
  • Perfect for all of your immediate marketing needs

Trust Allrush digital printing Calgary services to help fulfill your digital printing needs such as.

Offset Printing

AllRush offset printing provides you with full service offset Printing using advanced techniques on our DI (digital imaging) press. Offset printing uses actual ink, whereas digital Printing uses electronically charged powder (toner). One of the most significant benefits of offset printing is delivering the highest level of colour accuracy and the ability to use Pantones. Pantones become particularly handy when you are looking to get a metallic or neon effect. It’s also known for its ability to get pretty fancy; whether you are looking for raised bits or UV varnish, we can make it shine or make it matte. We suggest going with whatever is trending. Offset Printing is meant to be used when you are looking to really wow with higher quantities.

Benefits of Offset Printing

  • Higher quantities available
  • Spot gloss finishes
  • Matte finishes
  • Metallic and neon Pantones
  • Unmatchable colour accuracy
  • Flawless final product fit for the world’s top brands

Trust Allrush offset printing Calgary services to help fulfill your offset printing needs such as.


Why Print Brochures?

Brochures come in all sizes and styles. Whether it’s  standard tri-panel, tri-fold brochure printing or a parallel fold brochure, AllRush can do it all. Your customers need to be impressed by your business, services and brand. A professionally designed brochure is a great way to do this. Brochures also support other advertising, direct mail, online promotions and can be used as a sales tool by distributors.

Why Use AllRush For Your Brochure Printing?

Trust AllRush to handle all your brochure printing needs from design to output or by helping you to print your own creative content. We offer a wide range of stock to choose from. Standard brochures are printed on 80lb gloss paper but our AllRush representative will be glad to help you pick what is best for you, your business and your customers.


AllRush flyer printing Calgary offers the highest quality flyers available with unbeatable turnaround. Flyers are perfect to hand out at trade shows, opening events, and/or promotion or sales.

At AllRush, we offer our flyers in various sizes and designs, let us work with you to make the perfect flyer for you and truly customize it to your needs. Calgary flyer printing and design, one of the key services that AllRush offers.

Flyers are used in various type of industries and businesses from political and healthcare to retail and food. Using flyers with discount coupons is a great way encourage action and see the success of your flyer. Flyer printing can also be combined QR codes so readers can connect with you on social media or even use QR codes to promote company contests and draws.

Flyers are an integral marketing component! Start a conversation and leave something behind with a call to action.


At AllRush we excel in the design and printing of all types of menus from traditional restaurant menus to take out menus servicing clients across Canada.

Why Have Menus?

Menus are meant to be appealing and easy to understand but they are also an extension of your restaurant and brand. So having the right menu printing is crucial and in many cases it’s the first chance to get noticed by your customers.

Let AllRush help you create the highest quality professional menu printing for your restaurant. No matter the format of the menu, we have a solution for you.

We offer a wide range of sizes, paper stocks, and finishing options to meet your needs.


Newsletters are great way to keep your customers or potential customers engaged in your business and brand, new updates, product, service additions and up coming sales.

The Key to successful newsletter printing is to resist the urge to sell, sell, sell and have content worthwhile to keep your customer engaged. What you write and how you write it is critical, it provides value to your customer. Trust AllRush to help you with all your newsletter printing Calgary needs from design to output, AllRush has everything you need to get the job done right, on time and well within your budget.

Label Printing

Trust AllRush with over 17 years experience in printing labels for all kinds of industries, from food boxes, to juices, soaps, oil and gas equipment and much more. Label printing can be done on a vinyl stock and then gloss laminated to protect against UV, water and are tear proof. This helps to keep the label intact when it comes into contact with oil or mud, or water or heat. Your label printing can be done in any shape or size you need from ovals and squares to any custom shape you can imagine.

Label printing also comes in your choice of full color, Pantone color printing or even gold and silver foils with added tints and shiny finishes. With the large variety of options AllRush is your choice for label printing in Calgary. With knowledgeable staff and the highest level of service AllRush Print & Apparel is your choice for all your label printing Calgary.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders are a sign of professionalism for your business. You’ve worked hard to develop your company, brand, and products. You’ve developed sell sheets, brochures, business cards, and maybe a catalog. Now it’s time to get it in front of your prospective clients in a custom-designed presentation folder. Presentation folders are also a great way of showcasing training programs and orientation packages that you need to deliver to your employees.

The standard size for a presentation folder printing is 9” x 12” and folders can be printed on the outside with the inside either left blank or printed. Slits can be added to your presentation folders to hold business cards or a mini-CD or DVD on one or both pockets. Special PMS or Metallic inks with a dull or gloss spot varnish or UV coating can make your folder really stand out. Let AllRush help create the perfect presentation folder for your needs.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are one of the oldest and most successful forms of direct marketing. The primary reason they are so successful is because your customers must handle them to remove the door hanger from their front door, also you can target specific geographical areas, demographics, and specific needs of your target audience. For example, if you are a lawn maintenance business, you can hang door hangers on the homes that lawn needs maintaining.

Is your target market home owners then door hangers printing can be a great way to create awareness about your products or services. Door hangers can be very effective for business such as realtors, yard maintenance, home renovation, roofing repair and so on.

Your door hanger printing is fully customizable from the information you would like to feature, the stock you wish to print on and even the shape you would like your door hanger to be. Standard door hanger printing is usually single sided and you can also add a perforation line in the bottom so people can keep a tear away business card, coupon or magnet.


Poster printing is one of the oldest forms of advertising, This tried and true method is perfect for displaying information about your products and services. You can emphasize a special promotion, a corporate event, a seasonal sale. Whatever the occasion, poster printing Calgary is a great way to market the event.

Posters come various shapes and sizes, the standard tabloid size 11” x 17”. these posters are printed digitally and are great for displaying on event boards and around businesses where your target market is likely to be. Also posters can be printed much larger on wide format printers and laminated for extended use and to make them weather proof for a display with flare. Let AllRush help you find the right poster printing and design to fit your needs.

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