Behind the scenes at AllRush – Silkscreening 101

Behind the scenes at AllRush – Silkscreening 101

Have you ever wished you could put your own designs on t-shirts or other fabric items? Silk-screening is the answer — and a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and showcase your unique identity.

Silk-screening is a fairly easy way to create your own custom designs for whatever you’d like; merch for your band, creative posters, promotional items for your business or anything you can imagine. Custom printed items can also make great holiday gifts since personalized gifts are proven to be more meaningful to our loved ones.

At AllRush, we have a tried-and-testing silk-screening process guaranteed to create a perfect print, every time. Wondering how we do it? We’ve broken it down into five steps:

Step 1 - Coat Screen With Emulsion

We use a squeegee to coat both sides of the screen with a thin layer. This must be done in a dark room, keeping the screen out of direct light. 

Step 2 - Burn the Screen

We then take our custom design print (of whatever you’d like it to be!) and use clear tape to fasten it to the screen. Next, we “burn” the design into the screen by placing it under a bright light for 30-45 minutes.

Step 3 - Rinse

Next, we use cool water to gently wash away the emulsion that was never exposed to the light (the design).

Step 4 - Tape and Patch Any Holes

We use tape to outline the edges of the screen. This is also when we check for any holes in the emulsion and patch them so your design turns out perfect!

Step 5 - Time to Screen!

We lay a test fabric first on a flat surface, lining up the silkscreen and placing it overtop. Next, we take the ink and use the squeegee to spread it across the screen. Once our test print is good to go, we tape & block out the registration marks on the screen then set the press in motion with your chosen fabric.

And there you have it! Next time you order a custom print from Allrush, you’ll have an idea what goes into creating your next clothing item, interior decoration or special item. We have a number of options for customized printed apparel and other merchandise. Let us show you why we’re the very best option for silkscreened items, embroidery and more!