Choosing a Font

Choosing a Font

When you’re considering re-branding or starting a new project, choosing a font can seem like a challenging task. It takes a great deal of experience to gain the necessary confidence in making font choices that can put your design over the top. A few simple guidelines below will help get you started and away from simply using the standard typefaces.

Know the font families
Fonts can be grouped into numerous categories and styles. You don’t need to know each and every one but having knowledge of some of the most common groups will put you a step ahead.

Serif fonts – Contain extensions at the tips of the letters
Sans Serif – Do not contain extensions at the tips
Script – Closely resembles handwriting
Decorative – Large and bold

Know when to use what
There are some rules to be aware of when you’ve decided on a font for your project but how you treat it will come down to how it functions and feels. You wouldn’t expect a paragraph of text to be easy to read in a script or decorative font even though it looks great as your main header. It’s widely known that a sans serif font is the best choice for body text and online applications as they are commonly the most readable, especially when you’re looking at a lot
of copy. When weighing your options with a decorative or script font, small doses is a great rule of thumb to follow.