5 Tips for Making a BIG Impression with Large Format Printing

5 Tips for Making a BIG Impression with Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Because BIGGER Really is Better

Billboards, banners, advertisement campaign signs, vehicle wraps, and other large format prints are sure to make a lasting impression on people. With today’s digital printing technology, large format printers are cost-effective, fast and can print on almost any material.

So, what exactly is large format printing?

Large Format printing constitutes any large print at least 24 inches wide but can be virtually any size. Think concert banners, tradeshow booths, roll-up banners, car wraps, sandwich boards, coroplast signs, outdoor signs and more.

There are some key things to keep in mind when setting up your design for large format printing. You’ll want to follow these steps to create the biggest impact with your design.

1. Keep it Simple

Having a large canvas can sometimes be overwhelming to an audience. If it’s too cluttered or has too much text, people won’t take the time to fully read it and understand the message you’re trying to convey.

Keeping it simple


Choose a graphic or just a simple picture that aligns well with the background and fonts—nothing too complicated or intricate.


Be sure to include your logo on the design; this is your chance to create some major brand exposure!


Add a short statement or catchphrase where people can read what your product or service is all about. Make it short and concise.

2. Maintain Some White Space
Maintain Some White Space In picture

Maintain Some White Space In picture

Try to stick to the standard rule— one-third of your canvas should have white space; it will maintain a clean, modern look that’s easy to read.

As per recent studies, the average attention span of an internet user is 6 seconds, which is even less than what a gold fish has(7–8 seconds). Effective use of white space helps the design to get the message through to the user quickly and increase the probability of interaction by highlighting the CTAs (call-to-actions).

3. Contrasting Colours!

Contrasting Colours

Pick a background colour that contrasts nicely with the text and graphic elements; this helps

drastically with readability. Another trick is to keep the colour scheme simple; two or three colors will suffice. However, if you’re making something that people will stop to read—like a movie or event poster—you can use a broader palette. Just remember to keep your brand colours consistent.

Another mistake that people make regarding colour is that they neglect to set their design software to CMYK mode rather than the RGB colour space. Using CMYK ensures that you’ll have more accurate colour rendition when your product is printed.

4. Choose Your Font Wisely

Choose a font that will likely be noticed immediately.

Bold Fonts

Choose a font that is BOLD, but not wide or too condensed.

Simple Fonts

Aside from choosing a bold font, choosing a simple one is also a must. Also, minimize or at least avoid using script fonts. Script Fonts are those italicized cursive fonts; sometimes these types of fonts are more distracting than anything. Find the best fonts recommended by designers here.

In general, it’s best to use a cross-platform font (one that is available on both Windows and Mac) so that you can guarantee your fonts will display properly if you need to transport your file to a client or print shop who may use a different operating system.

Different Fonts

5. Check it from a Distance

Every time you edit your design, take a good look at it from a distance and see if it’s still readable from far away. Some large format applications like vehicle wraps, may only have a few seconds to make an impression. Your design needs to incorporate all the above-mentioned things in order to be absorbed or read by your audience quickly as they move past them.

Get someone to look at your work. It’s always a big help if there is an extra set of eyes to pinpoint any mistakes you may have made.

Tips For Making A Big Impression

Ads are everywhere.


Wherever you go, there are thousands of ads in the streets, buses, billboards, etc. If you’re looking to gain major brand exposure, brand recognition, and ultimately more business, you should consider having a large format design printed by AllRush.

We’re equipped to help fulfill all your large format printing needs. From design to output, we will create a fully customized print that you’re sure to love (and get noticed with).

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