The Importance of Print Media in Today’s World

The Importance of Print Media in Today’s World

With the internet marketing on the rise and the world turning to digital interfaces, people falsely weaken the significance of sales through print media advertising. We can’t reject the fact that the newer generation is more inclined to smart technology, but still print media hasn’t lost its glory. The fact is that regardless of how sophisticated and convenient electronic media gets; the significance of print media will never die.

Internet based advertising has the gratification via instant conversion but the lasting impact of the print maintains its position and standing in the advertising market. The actual reason behind this fact is that print advertising through magazines and other sources are picked up by those having an interest in that actual genre and direct advertisements to the niche readers has more possibility of converting to a sale than the less directed marketing of those glimpsing the ad on an unrelated page or app.

With print marketing tools such as direct mailing increasing response rates of existing customers from 0.12% to 3.4% since June 2012 and online display ads having average click through rate of 0.12% (www.cmocouncil.org). The evidence shows that even after such a huge impact from the wave of now available technology, flyers, posters and other forms of print marketing based on advertising haven’t lost their market. The impact of the print advertising is without any doubt most efficient and viral compared to any other marketing media. No major marketing campaign can ever be finished without the incorporation of glossy advertisements in a widely circulation direct mailing.