Is Custom-Designed Apparel Becoming the New Standard?

Is Custom-Designed Apparel Becoming the New Standard?

Sales of customized products are increasing at a rapid rate and many companies are catering to this consumer demand. Direct-to-fabric printing is taking the fashion industry by storm, growing an estimated 25% annually.

People don’t want to blend in with the crowd anymore; they’re seeking individuality and want to express their beliefs, their values and their interests on unique, print-on-demand products, especially on apparel. What better way to make a statement than on your clothing?

Technology has given birth to custom-designed apparel. Now, customers can submit their own designs, choose their favorite clothing items to print on, choose the perfect size, and even have it shipped to their door. It’s giving the consumer the power to create something special that only they have; there’s a much closer emotional tie to something that’s made from a creative idea than something picked off the shelf.
This trend started years ago and is only going to continue growing as apparel companies provide innovative printing techniques and quality products and competitive pricing.

Some established brands like Nike have even adopted this so-called new standard. They’re doing print-on-demand shoes and apparel! Big box stores know that the new-aged consumer wants to support local business so they need to compete for sales and that means catering to customizable products.

The younger demographic doesn’t care about wearing big brand labels anymore—the “shop local” trend is in full force. Why? They want to feel valued as a customer and get personalized service from a company that they know and trust. Helping support the local economy while building a more vibrant and unified local community is a win-win.

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