5 Reasons to Hire a Local Graphic Designer for Your Printing Needs

5 Reasons to Hire a Local Graphic Designer for Your Printing Needs

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1. Saves you time

Save Your TimeAs a small business owner and entrepreneur, you have a lot to juggle! You may be taking care of business operations, marketing efforts, sales, and more, and needing to be as efficient as possible. But, cutting corners on graphic design for things like logos, print material and signage, may be costing you time. If you’re going to places like Fiverr and other online sites to save time, it’s probably doing the opposite.

Working with people online who don’t understand your business, your industry and who have never even met you, can sometimes be problematic. They never get it right the first or second time and by the third time you end up settling just to get your design to print in time and be done with the headache.
Then you send you files to the local print shop and they’re not optimized for printing, yikes! More time wasted!
Hiring a local graphic designer can mitigate all those frustrations. You can meet in person, discuss your business and your vision for the look and feel of the brand, and have high-quality, print-ready files in half the time!

2. Saves you money

Flyer PrintingYes, you will pay more for a local, qualified graphic designer. But in the long run, this will SAVE you your hard-earned money.
A graphic designer will know the most cost-effective ways to design your materials to keep your printing costs to a minimum. They will size your print materials to save you on paper costs, recommend the most cost-effective materials, and know the best Calgary print shops to choose for the best results.
They will most likely design marketing collateral that aligns with your brand and designs that you LOVE. No more revisions on Fiverr from five different people before you settle on a mediocre design!
They use the best design software to create perfect, print-ready files to send to the printers, so you don’t have so waste your time because as the saying goes, “time is money!”
Plus, if you’re going to spend money on print material like business cards, brochures, and posters, you may as well make them look good.

3. Enhances your brand

Enhances Your BrandPerceived value is everything. In the digital age of Instagram and all things social media, what you put out into the world needs to be visually appealing and unique. High-quality and high-resolution design is paramount.

The average person consumes thousands of ads and posts a day and they’re becoming more critical with an increased ability to identify well-designed content. Using tools like Canva won’t cut it anymore. People have seen the same templates being used repeatedly for brochures, banners, post cards, etc.
It’s time to step up your content creation game with a graphic designer who can set you apart from the rest. Like it or not your brand will be judged. You’re not a graphic designer, so don’t attempt it. Hire a professional so you can feel proud of your brand assets.

4. Keeps things consistent



There’s nothing worse than inconsistent branding. If you’re hiring a different person for each piece of marketing collateral, or you’re doing it yourself, you will not get very good results. Inconsistency creates confusion amongst your audience. Do you want your potential customer to be confused when they read your marketing material?
The graphics, text, messaging, photos, everything should have a consistent vibe. It’s very difficult to achieve this if you do not hire one person or agency to work on the bulk of your business’s marketing material.

5. Gets you more business!

Get More BusinessUltimately, people will gravitate to the best looking brand. When compared to the competition, you want to stand out and get noticed.
Graphic design is an investment and so is marketing material. But these things are crucial to getting more business. If you’re looking to step out of the box a bit with your marketing efforts, think about going big with a vehicle wrap or decal.

Custom designed promotional products are always a great idea because you’ll stay top of mind for potential customers. And custom designed apparel is always a great way to gain brand exposure and establish credibility as well as create camaraderie amongst employees.

What ever vessel you choose to apply your designs and branding, just make sure you make the wise decision to work with a professional graphic designer who gets your business and who has your best interest at heart.
Call or email us to get started on your project and let us help bring your brand to life!

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